martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

A la francesa (english version)

Hi everybody!

I didn't know how to tell this because they are stories and they happened to me or my boyfriend, I'm trying to remember, so I can hear the gears of my brain trying to run.

When you are a foreigner is normal catch the attention of the Japanese, no problem if you are a blonde like an angel or you are just like a nice brunette. 
I'm a shy person, so I do not like too much talking or people stare at me, I know, it is stupid thing, but it isn't the matter.

I think I never got to tell in the blog just to some friends, I have read many times on various blogs from several countries that the Japanese tend to think that all foreigners they see are from U.S.A then am I  the exception? I have ever said that they always ask me if I'm French?
I always found it curious that they ask to foreigners if they are American, the first time was with a neighbor of the block where my boyfriend are living, I concur with her in the elevator and she asked furansujin desuka?  I'm a bad conversationalist in the elevator, I said that I'm Spanish  and she was surprised, smiled and stopped on her floor.

But it wasn't all, when ever I'm alone and I have to ask something if the other person is encouraged to continue the conversation often they ask me if I'm French,they don't ask me ''where are you from'' they ask me ''are you French?''

The summer before this summer I was there, I went to a barbecue by the night with my boyfriend and some friends and acquaintances, some knew of me for the first time and they asked me if I was French. Tired of hearing this several times, in the spring leaving a restaurant I told to my boyfriend:
-I'm sure that if I go to an Italian restaurant I'm Italian, if  we go to English restaurant I'm English and if we go to Spanish restaurant I'm Spanish... but why everyone thinks I'm French?
-It's your nose

I still think about that answer ... I doubt that looking a nose somebody can tell someone's nationality and even checking that they are wrong always with my nacionality, I have a normal nose, but he confessed to me that if we ever have children he wants children with my nose. This makes me think...French nose? really?

And in the opposite case, when he was here, we went one day to Luanco, my friend Nana was our guide. When we got to the beach we decided to ask a man who was with his family a photo of us together.

When the boy said loudly to his mother:
- Moooom! Wait, Dad is doing some pictures to these girls and Chinese boy!
Children are so sweet... but Nana and I were surprised, we laugh and we tell to my boyfriend.

My boyfriend used to walk me home because it was late when we were returning, usually we were going by a street called Mon, which on Saturday was full of teenagers to drink alcohol.
Fitxer:Catedral de Oviedo desde la calle Mon.jpg
I don't like going down that street on Saturdays because teenagers are usually drunk and I look like a teenager so they try to catch my attention and so I told him  I didn't want he back to his hotel walking down by that street, just he answered me:
-yes, yes, okay, I will not
As always did what he felt like it and he returned down that street. The next day he told me that some teenagers yelled to get his attention ''hey, Chinese, Chinese!''

These are some of the stories, and now I can roughly distinguish traits between Korean, Chinese and Japanese. I guess for the Japanese there are wide range of countries which a foreigner could proceed, for now it seems that I will continue to be French.


See you!!

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  1. Je je je... La entrada en inglés me la han dejado enterita para mí. ^^

    Lo de llamar chinos a todos los asiáticos nos hace parecer unos pueblerinos. ò.ó

    Sólo se vale en Humor Amarillo. ^^ El chino cudeiro es el mejor.

    Y luego está Confucio, que es uno de los chinos-japoneses más antiguos.

    Por cierto, sí que tienes cara de francesa. ô.Ô En la entrada anterior sólo te falta la boina. Una roja te quedaría bien:

  2. I know how it feels... I always get mistaken for Russian XD Even when I am in Italy!!
    Outside of Italy sometimes I also get mistaken for Canadian, I really don't know why!